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20th century classical music 3d digital art 5k a better way a cappella a taste of muncie a-town roller derby abigail washburn accordion acid jazz acid rock acoustic music acrobatics acrylic painting acting action film addiction recovery adult oriented aerialism aerosol afroman after hours art reels airbrush alcohol free alex culbreath alexander landerman alice in wonderland alien all-ages concerts alternative music alto alto saxophone ambient electronic music america's hometown band american guild of organists americana anarchism andrew adkins animal rescue fund animals animation anti-bullying anti-racism anti-violence antiques architectural design armor making art and craft supplies art competition art education art festivals art gallery art mart art rock art studio art trading cards artisans arts walk artswalk assemblage atomic comics auction audience participation auditions authors avant-garde aviation ayurveda bach improvisations back of a car back to school bad art bad art night bagpipes bake sale ball state football team ball state university ball state university libraries ball state university singers ballet ballroom dance band camp banjo baritone baroque music basketball bass bass guitar bassoon bdsm beadmaking beat boxing beauty and the beast beauty pageant bebop beekeeping beer beer garden beer tasting bellydancing ben miller benefit benefit show beyond the grid big brothers big sisters of delaware county bigfoot billy riggs biography birds birthday bison-tennial black history month black lives matter black metal blacksmith blue sky carnival band bluegrass blues blues rock body art body painting body suspension bollywood dance bongos book arts collaborative book club book collection books bouzouki boy scouts boys & girls clubs of muncie brass breakbeat brewery bridal bridal show bride brink of summer brink of summer artswalk broadway bronze sculpture bruce fane bryce taylor bsu idia lab buddy womack building burlesque business béla fleck cabaret cajun calligraphy camping cancer candlelight vigil canning canvas car show card making cardinal greenway caricature cash prize catalina swim club caterer cavetone records cello celtic cemetery ceramics ceramics and glass chad nordhoff chad nordoff chain mail chalk drawing chamber concert charcoal drawing charity chicano rap children's art children's events children's magic children's music children's theater china chinese food chinese new year chiptune choral music chris castle christian music christianity christmas christmas tree cicada circus arts clarinet classes classical music clowning coach pete lembo cocktails code red dancers coffee coffee & paints collage collectibles collins classic ink color guard coloring comedy comedy film comedy music comics common center commonweather community activism community development community enhancement projects community theater competition computer animation computer art concerts conference congas conservation contemporary classical music contemporary dance contest continental contortionism contralto controllerism cookies core yoga cornerstone center for the arts cornerstone monthly art club cornfed derby dames cornhole cosmic productions cosplay costume contest costumes costuming countertenor country blues country music couples craft cocktails crafting workshops crafts crayon criminal justice reform critchat crochet cross country culinary arts cultural festivals cupcakes cut it down productions cycling dance dance fitness dance music dance party date night daughters of american revolution dave franklin death metal decoupage delaware county historical society dellas henke delta blues denise king derby city rollergirls design dessert concert didgeridoo digital arts digital piano dinner theater disabilities disco discussion disney dixieland dj dj ))(( dj b-rad dj crafty dj darkside dj jannell doc peterson doc warner documentary dolls doom metal double bass downtown downtown farm stand dr. boldylocks dr. who drag show drama drama film drawing drinks drones dropkick murphys drug abuse drum and bass drum circle drum corps drum corps international drum kit drumstep dubstep dustin royal dustin vance dwntwn dynamo art group earth day east central indiana chamber orchestra easter edible art editing and publishing editors education educational demonstrations educational performance educational theater egg tempera electric blues electric guitar electric piano electro music electro-industrial electronic electronic dance music electronic music electronic organ electronic rock electronica music elle carpenter embroidery emo empowerment enamel paint encaustic painting engraving entrepreneurship environmentalism erhu erotica eskrima etching (printmaking) ethnic food euphonium event photography exhibitions experimental film experimental music face painting faeries fair trade fairies fairy garden faith kellermeyer fall family events family workshop farce farm foods farm stand second story lounge farmers market farms fashion fashion design fashion photography father's day feminism festivals fiction writing fiddle field hockey figure drawing film developing film festivals film showing fine dining fire breathing fire dancing fireworks first friday first thursday fisher/shafer holiday pops fitness flat track roller derby florist flower crafts flower pot flower pot fairy house flowers flute fm music live folk dance folk music folk punk folk rock folk-pop fond farewell fondant food food drive food preservation food trucks football ford theatre reunion fossil generation found object france freakshow freaky tiki friday free concerts free sale free transportation french horn fresco fresh food friends of the orchestra full circle arts co-op fundraising funk furniture fusion futuristic game show games gangsta rap garage sale garden crafts garden tour gardening gardens garfield gary carmike geek rock gem city roller derby gender geography german gifts gill bros furniture girls night out girls rock indianapolis giveaways glass blowing glass painting glass workshop glasswork glue and scissors society go-go amy gogo dancing golf gospel music gothic art gothic metal gouache graffiti grand opening grateful dead greek theater greenhouse greeting cards grindcore groom groove metal growers and makers grunge guit-steel guitar gun violence gunther cartwright guzheng haiku hair halloween handmade hannah barnes happenings hard rock hardcore hardcore punk harp harpsichord harry potter haunted house headless horseman health healthy living heathen daniels heather yoakam hedwig and the angry inch hell came home high waisted hillcroft services hinduism hip-hop dance historic architecture historic house tour historical re-enactment historical theater history holiday concert holiday pops muncie holly lay homemade homeschooling horror horror film horror theater horticulture house music human trafficking hurd & harris entertainment ice cream social illustration improvisational acting improvisational comedy indiana public radio indie folk indie music indie pop indie rock industrial metal insanity workout installation instrument petting zoo intaglio printmaking intaglio sculpture intelligent dance music irish isaac imel ivy tech j.r. jamison jam rock jannell summers japanese jasmine d'angelo jay-crew landscape jazz jazz dance jazz fusion jennie devoe jennifer stanley jewelry joan hamilton job opportunity jobs joe louis walker joe smith and the spicy pickles band john scofield josh bertram juggling jungle junior brown kali kalley brothers kara clark duquette karaoke kayla goodpaster kazoo keef the phonomancer kelsey timmerman key trio kindermusik knitting krampus kyle ivey landscape design landscape painting latin america latin dance leadership leatherwork lego leon crosby lgbtq light show line dancing line engraving linocut printing literary death match literature lithography little red door cancer services of east central indiana live music local merchandise local music loop pedal losing september lovesick moan macramé macramé jewelry macro photography macy's madjax mafioso rap magic mandolin mantra maps march of dimes marching band mariachi marimba marker drawing market martial arts mask up muncie masks massage masterworks chorale math rock matt rudick matthew frantz mayors arts awards mechanical bull meditation medium meetings melodica memoir memorial memorial day metal casting metal etching metal music metalcore metalworking mexican dances mezzo-soprano michael duquette michael hedges michaels microcinema midwest writers workshop mikail robertson minnetrista miss mary jane green miss moth missy adams mixed media mj model model aviation modeling modern classical music modern dance monaco & alameda monkey thunder mosaic mother's day motown multiple sclerosis muncie action plan muncie and delaware chamber of commerce muncie arts and culture council muncie city wide comedy jam muncie civic theatre muncie economic empowerment muncie makers market muncie mall muncie missfits muncie musicfest muncie parks department muncie public library muncie symphony league muncie symphony orchestra muncie three trails muncie young professionals mural museums mushroomhead music competition music education music festivals music without borders musical instruments musical theater naptown roller girls nathan meltzer national poetry month native american nature nature photography needlepoint neighborhood neoplasticism nerd new zealand newspaper and magazine design nightlife noelle wiegand non-profit organizations nonfiction writing not blood paint npr nu metal oil painting old queen's men on a high wire ona open house open mic open studio orchestra organ organization of black aerospace professionals origami other instruments outdoor concerts outdoor events outlaw country outreach owen ni pacemates paintball painting painting class painting party painting workshops panel paper crafts papercraft papier-mâché parades paranormal parenting park(ing) day parks partner dancing party pastels drawing patchwork patricia kreigh pen and ink pencil drawing percussion performance art pewter phil dunn photo booth photography photojournalism photoshoot piano picnic picnic competition piloxing pints & paints pints and paints pipe organ pirate piyo pizza planetarium planned parenthood plant sale plants plyspace poetry poetry reading poi pokemon pokemon go political demonstrations political rap and hip-hop political spoken word polymer clay pool-side zumba pop art pop country pop music pop punk pop rock pope adrian bless portrait painting portrait photography post-metal post-punk post-rock potluck pottery pound power metal power pop preschool preservation presidents pretty things peepshow pride of mid-america marching band primetrust primetrust federal credit union princess printmaking prize pro choice professional headshots professional wrestling progressive metal progressive rock projectione projects prom psych-pop psychedelic rock psychic psychobilly pub theater public art public library public radio punk puppetry queercore quilting race race ready radio radio play raffle raising chase rap and hip-hop rapping raul prieto ramirez reading rebellyon recital recorded concerts recording recycling reggae relaxation relief sculpture religion religious art renaissance music restaurants rhythm & blues ribbon cutting ripped from the roots river clean up robotics rochelle martin rock music rockabilly rocky horror picture show roleplaying games roller derby romantic romantic classical music safe zone sale salsa santa sarah shaffer saxophone scarevania scavenger hunt school of art school projects sci-fi film science scrapbooking screamo screen acting screenprinting sculpture self-defense seminars seniors setting color sewing shadow cast shafer leadership academy shakespeare sharing economy shaun berkey shawn burris shoegaze shopping short stories showcase sideshow silat sing-along singer songwriter singing sip for soup ska sketching skyy's burning slapstick slow food sludge metal soap box derby soccer social club socially distanced soft rock softball software son of scarevania soprano soul jazz soul music sound art soup crawl south asia southside speakers speed metal spencer davis spoken word spraypaint spring spring break spyjazz st. john & farmer jesse st. patrick's day stage acting stage magic stained glass stand-up comedy startups steampunk steel guitar steel toed slippers steeldrivers stem steve robert stone carving stone crafts stoner metal stop-motion animation stoplight street dance street festivals street magic street theater string quartet stringed strong by zumba stunt man mike surrealism sustainability suzanne dittenver swimming swing swing dance synth-punk synthesizer synthpop table top games tango tapdance tapestries tastefully simple tattoo taxidermy tea party team building teatime techno music technology ten high travelers tenor tenor saxophone textile crafts thanksgiving that one film festival the bashville boys the beatles the blue velvets the fabulous funcie femmes the facing project the gold hope duo the hype magazine the jazzmanian devils the michael martin band the no good riders the orchard shop the petty project the prophets of addiction the red clay pigeons the scene the soup kitchen of muncie the village theater theater festivals thinkdog thirty-one thrash metal tie-dye tim miller time banking tin whistle tobacco toddlers tom sullivan tom-kats tonal caravan topper torchworking tour toys training trance music travel tri 101 tribute band trivia trivia brawl trombone truffles trumpet tuba tuxes typography ufo ukulele ultra city under the stars underground rap and hip-hop united way urban gardening urban planning valentine's day variety show vegetables vendors veterans vibraphone victorian fashion video game music video games video journalism videography vinyl viol viola violin virtual reality voice acting volleyball volunteer clean-up volunteering watercolor waterzumba we're trying collective weaving webcomics wedding wedding planning wedding venue wellness wes moore white river white river greenway whitely community council wine winery winter womack family band women women's flat track derby association women's history month women's rights wood burning wood carving woodcut woodwind woodworking workshops world belly dance day world music wrestling writing xylophone yard sale yarn yart yin yoga yoga youth symphony orchestra of east central indiana ywca zach day zines zombie walk zombies zorn zoroastrianism zumba zydeco