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Jun 7, 2012


  • First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown

    111 Arts Gallery
    "New Old Stock Toys in the Package" - 111 E Main

    Some for sale some not.


    The Artist Within
    "Free Range" - 313 S Walnut

    "Free Range" is an exhibit of paintings by local artist Brett Volpp.  Mr. Volpp is a graduate of Delta High School and studied art under recently retired art teacher Gary Huggler.  The interest in painting continued after high school for Brett and he received a BFA in painting from Indiana University in 1996. Work by this artist is on display at the Alchemy Restaurant in Bloomington and at the Hoosier Artist Gallery in Nashville.


    Garfield Illustrator Mike Fentz - 112 W Jackson

    Mike Fentz, the former head illustrator for the licensing program for Garfield, will be doing caricatures outside of Cortex from 6pm to 8pm. His caricatures and paintings. Ball State saxophonist Amanda Fratangel will be performing.


    Gallery 308
    "Artists, Faces, and Faraway Places" - 308 E Main

    "To capture beauty or reflect the personality of an individual is ultimately fulfilling, down to my soul," says artist Ron Richcreek. With photography, he tries to present the aesthetics of a subject in its natural environment in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and stirs an emotion in the observer.  With graphite, his goal is to capture a two dimensional likeness of the subject. In clay, he tries to create a sense of rhythm when developing the shape of a vessel to make it visually pleasing.

    "Artists, Faces, and Faraway places have always been a passion of mine.  As a teenager, I found photography as a form of self-expression; documenting the places and the people I thought were unique.  Photography expanded my interests into the study of drawing and, recently, working in clay.

    "My intention for the past four decades has been to catch an emotion and reflect the subject's personality. I grew up with my mother’s black and white family photos and looked through the pages of Life magazine which depicted the joys and tragedies of the world.  I saw the impact photography made on our society, even through advertising."


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    "Back to the Old School" and "The One of Many" - 224 E Main

    Tom Spoerner spent twelve years as the Chair of the Ball State Art Department, where he encouraged scores of students in their artistic pursuits. Spoerner’s own art studio work paused as the professor completed his doctoral degree in art education and then served in various admistrative positions for the university. He was active in art education work at both state and national levels and the recipient of numerous honors, including the Art Education Association of Indiana Distinguished Fellow award.  He retired from academic life in 2002.

    "I started painting again in the summer of 2009," Spoerner explains.  While most of the professor’s works are hard-edge or abstract designs, he considers himself to be "old school" in his both his approach and appreciation of art. "I am not concerned with super realism but want my paintings to look like something, have content, and be colorful.  "All of my paintings have a story behind them."

    Working in both painting and photography, the professor has exhibited in national, regional and local exhibitions; however, this will be his first show in 34 years, which he titled, "Back to the Old School: Painting Again after a 34 Year Hiatus." Spoerner will speak about his work at 6 PM.

    Gordy Fine Art and Framing provided its first art award at this years’ Annual Student Show at Ball State.  Arranged by their gallery director, Braydee Euliss, the award gave a student an exhibit of their work at the downtown gallery. Chris Graham was chosen by the juror to receive this award and will be showing in Gordy’s small front gallery during the month of June. Graham is fascinated with big cities, and most of his subject matter involves urban scenes. The new graduate has decided to move to Chicago, and this show, "The One of Many," commemorates the big step he will be taking in this move. Graham works in woodblock, lithography, intaglio and serigraphy to create the contemporary urban landscape.


    Muncie Civic Theatre
    Work of Julie Cranfill, Sean Orlosky, and Janessa Erickson - 216 E Main

    Indianapolis artist Julie Cranfill will be joined by Sean Orlosky, Resident Artist of Civic, and Janessa Erickson will be showing her unique jewelry designs. Muncie Civic Board Members will be on hand to tell you about the upcoming 2012-13 theatre season.


    Rose Court
    Photography of Earl Dunbar- 125 E Charles

    Muncie resident Earl Dunbar has always carried a camera with him during his career as a salesman; stopping to get that "situation" picture. While travelling, he had many opportunities to capture beautiful scenery in places such as Hawaii and Australia. Since moving to Indiana, Earl and his wife Penny have  found many photographic opportunities while exploring the state. He is now concentrating on macro close-ups of what nature has to offer.


    Vera Mae's Bistro
    Bake Sale - 207 S Walnut (outside)

    Suzuki violin students and their mothers will be selling homemade baked goods to raise funds for GoldSpace Theater  classes.

Jun 6, 2013


  • The Artist Within: Drawing by Jerry Hannah The Artist Within: Painting by Jerry Hannah Gordy's: Time to Think (Jessica Summers) Gordy's: Bracelet (Jan McCune) Gordy's: What Once Was (Autumn Bussen) Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown
    The Artist Within: Drawing by Jerry Hannah The Artist Within: Drawing by Jerry Hannah The Artist Within: Painting by Jerry Hannah The Artist Within: Painting by Jerry Hannah Gordy's: Time to Think (Jessica Summers) Gordy's: Time to Think (Jessica Summers) Gordy's: Bracelet (Jan McCune) Gordy's: Bracelet (Jan McCune) Gordy's: What Once Was (Autumn Bussen) Gordy's: What Once Was (Autumn Bussen) Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings Rose Court: Painting by Melissa Cummings

    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut

    Local resident and recent Ball State graduate Jerry Hannah will exhibit paintings and drawings in a one man show. Hannah had his Senior Thesis Show "Search for Life" at the gallery in July of 2012. An opening reception will be held during First Thursday from 5-8pm. The opening is free and open to the public and will provide those attending the opportunity to meet and visit with the artist.

    When asked about his upcoming exhibit, Mr. Hannah explained, "When putting together a show many considerations come to mind and this show takes a step back from what is considered traditional and focus on the art itself instead of how the entire body of work fits together. The art shown varies with aspects of landscape, portraiture and abstract expressionism.  Some of this work has been exhibited here before and other pieces have never been publicly displayed. Some of this work is older and one painting has just been recently completed.  Some of this work is based on my love of astronomy and others are reflections of social issues.  Instead of being about tradition, this show is all about the art."

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main

    Jessica Summers remembers her mother painting domestic scenes of their rural Muncie home, often depicted at night, which had “an unusual sense of tension created by dramatic lighting.” Fast-forward to 2013, and the daughter has become the painter of dramatic domestic scenes while the mother has moved from the living room into her personal jewelry studio. Similarities abound: Jan McCune was a high school art teacher. Jessica was a high school art teacher before returning to get her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in painting. McCune holds a BFA/MA in painting. Mother and daughter feel they have a lot in common as artists, despite the differences in media and approach. “I have inherited her love for the mark of the artist, surface and texture…I seem to keep unconsciously using similar lighting and subject matter,” Summers notes. “Her paintings were also very colorful and painted quite thick – similar to mine.” 

    McCune has been named an “Indiana Artisan,” for her personal designs in pendants. This year she ventured into creating bracelets after receiving an Indiana Arts Commission grant. The grant allowed McCune to purchase needed tools and supplies, and she set out to fabricate 15 cuff or link bracelets. First, working primarily in copper, and then switching to silver, McCune had to learn blacksmithing skills that weren’t required of flat pendants. Heated to make it more malleable, the metal is then quenched in water and hammered into shape over a mandrel. Consumed with a new art form, McCune kept working. The goal of fifteen became sixty, many of which will be on display in the downtown gallery.

    The two artists will exhibit together, for the first time, at Gordy Fine Art and Framing for the month of June.  An opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 6, 2013, from 5 to 8 PM. Each will each speak about their art; McCune at 6 PM and Summers at 6:15.

    Referring to their many similarities as artists, Summers concludes, “Just like my mom talks about her love for design, I am finding that it is the construction of the image that interests me more than anything. None of this is necessarily intentional. It just keeps happening.” She concludes, “It’s in my blood.”

    The Nook Gallery at Gordy’s will feature painter Autumn Bussen for June. She is a recent graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Painting and Drawing and the recipient of the annual Small Exhibit award given by Gordy Fine Art & Framing each year at the BSU Student Show.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 E. Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, call 765-284-8422 or visit www.gordyframing.com. 

    Rose Court
    125 E Charles

    Rose Court is pleased to present the work of Melissa Cummings for the Month of June.

    Melissa Cummings began as a self-taught artist.  At the age of 16, she was painting commissioned murals and many local signs in her home town of Farmland, Indiana.  She has been the recipient of several honors including winning two scholastic art awards from the State of Indiana. 

    These earlier experiences using oil based mediums led her into art studies at Ball State University.  “People have been my most inspiring subject matter.  The eyes are my greatest emphasis when I am working on a portrait painting.”  Melissa enjoys art as a personal therapy.  She was busy with other life demands for more than a decade and is re-emerging with a new love for surrealistic abstracts in oil.  “This change in genre is allowing me to make creations based from my own emotions.  It is raw energy.”  Melissa Cummings is eclectic in her work.  She enjoys using a variety of mediums and styles.  Her portrait work still captures the most accolades from viewers.  Please enjoy her artwork created with charcoal, lithograph, oil, colored pencil, ink and graphite starting June 6th First Thursday at Rose Court.

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