The Muncie Events API can be used to retrieve data from the MuncieEvents.com database. It currently has a small number of endpoints, but if your application would benefit from more being added, such as an endpoint for retrieving events from a specific location or with a specific tag, feel free to contact us at admin@muncieevents.com or open a new issue on GitHub and request additional development.

Starting Out

  1. Register a Muncie Events account and log in
    (if you have an account on the main site, you can log in with those credentials here)
  2. Get an API key
  3. Read the docs



Results are limited to 50 per page. API responses include a links object with the URLs used to request the first, last, prev, and next pages.


Only events that have been approved by a Muncie Events moderator will appear in API call results.

Rate Limit

There is not currently a limit to the rate of allowed requests to the API. If one is implemented in the future, API users will receive an email notifying them in advance.


This API uses the JSON API v1.0 specification.


If you have any questions or find any errors, contact us at admin@muncieevents.com or open a new issue on GitHub.