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Sep 5, 2013


  • Work by Zorn Crowder - 111 Arts Gallery Work by Sherry Powell - Gallery 308 Work by Bette Graham - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Downtown Walnut Street
    Work by Zorn Crowder - 111 Arts Gallery Work by Zorn Crowder - 111 Arts Gallery "Dogwood" by Cindy Turner - The Artist Within "Cabbage" by Cindy Turner - The Artist Within Work by Sherry Powell - Gallery 308 Work by Sherry Powell - Gallery 308 "Vegetable Basket on Blue" by Genny Gordy - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "I Heard Color Raining" by Suzanne Lambert - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "Naranja I& II" by Suzanne Lambert - Gordy Fine Art & Framing "King Balloon Ascent" by Barbara La Rue - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Bette Graham - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Bette Graham - Munseetown Square Lobby "Old Alender Homestead, Grandma Barnes Road" by David Dale - Munseetown Square Lobby "Sand Bar" by Eric Ernstberger - Munseetown Square Lobby "Natchez, Under the Hill" by Jim Faulkner - Munseetown Square Lobby "River Bend" by Brian Gordy - Munseetown Square Lobby Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court Work by Tony Costello - Rose Court "NELMA" by Braydee Euliss - Savage's Ale House

    111 Arts Gallery
    111 E Main
    Zorn Crowder skater local celebrity outsider artist presents series of drawing on cardboard found object ink marker pen paint bring money n skateboards n beer, located next to mark 3 areas favorite gay bar we love you.


    The Artist Within
    313 S Walnut
    Botanically and Naturally Inclined – The work of Cindy Norrick Turner
    Cindy Norrick Turner’s style of painting is very colorful and very bold and this is apparent to even the most casual observer. Cindy is a native of Delaware County and a graduate of BSU with a degree in graphic design. Since her first class taken from local watercolorist Brian Gordy, Turner has exhibited regularly throughout central Indiana in her own shows as well as in juried competitions.  She continues to take additional classes and workshops in watercolor techniques and has admirers throughout the world due to her exposure on Facebook and Flickr. Topics for her paintings change often from the botanicals offered in this show to the architectural paintings at her next show in October 2013 at The Rose Court.  Turner does commissioned work as well as of those of her own choosing.  Contact Turner at renrut1105@aol.com, through her Facebook page, or through her Flickr account to see more of her paintings or for more information.  She is also currently signing up students for her fall “Basic Watercolor” class that will be taught at The Artist Within.

    Students for Responsible Consumerism – In the Upper Level Gallery
    The Upper Level Gallery will display work submitted to the Ball State organization Students for Responsible Consumerism and the work will remain on exhibit  through September 20th. Artwork from this show will then be part of the “Living Lightly Fair” held at Minnetrista on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Artwork in this exhibit must be created from reused materials or with a sustainable theme.


    Canan Commons
    500 S Walnut
    Dance, Dance, Dance
    Join America’s Hometown Band at 7pm on First Thursday as they perform some of our best-loved dance tunes and perennial favorites. This concert is sponsored by Indiana Public Radio.


    Gallery 308
    308 E Main
    Borderline 2013: Board Members Past and Present

    Sherry was a charter board member of Mitchell Place and also serves as the treasurer of Gallery 308 and is a talented photographer.


    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E Main
    Color Ocean/Color Land –
    The work of Suzanne Lambert
    "I live in a sea of color, the waves roll in and thru and all around." - Suzanne Lambert.

    Guests to the upcoming First Thursday art opening at Gordy Fine Art and Framing are in for an eye-satisfying festival of color. Suzanne Lambert is well-known for mixed media canvases with stunning arrangements of poured, dripped and sprayed paints. The former dancer seems to transfer dance movements into her work; colors flow and are embellished with staccato beats, swirls and arabesques. Titles give hints to the artist’s meaning, or the place of inspiration. That could be the Ohio River Valley or the French countryside; Lambert splits her residence/studio between two continents. “My intention is to visually convey, through color, tone and composition, the feeling and essence of places I live and visit, the people I experience.” She continues, “Energy of life moves me; I wish to bring this feeling to the viewer, to touch them and, perhaps, to lift the soul…” Lambert will fill the main gallery with new works, and will speak about her work during the opening reception on First Thursday at 6:15 PM. Reception hours are 5 to 8 PM.

    iGarden – The work of Genny Gordy
    "I work in a garden of colors. My eyes dart from flower to fruit to bug, but my images are always about the intense saturation of color I find, especially the infrequent blue." - Genny Gordy.

    Genny Gordy will hang an exhibit of photos and watercolors in the Nook gallery during the month of September. Titled “iGarden”, the show exposes the acre of land in town that Gordy and husband, Brian, somewhat wildly maintain and that Genny’s iPhone camera readily captures. Fruit trees and grape vines share space with raised bed and traditional vegetable gardens. Flowers and herbs fill every view. Artworks dot the landscape – a Kim Anderson bird bath, Matt Lynch sculpture, an Amish fertility sign, painted by a friend.  A cabin, possibly 80 years old, serves as Genny’s garden shed. A blue desk in the shade is used as a garden bench and is the background for many photos. One hundred year-old trees edge the plot, and a dry stream bed runs through, serving only during heavy rains. A small bridge connects upper and lower yards where wildlife - from deer to heron to flying squirrel - has visited through the years. “It is where I reconnect with the ground beneath my feet and work out thoughts and muscles,” offers Genny. “Every day, I step out my back door into the wonder of the gardens and return renewed. These images are my attempt to share that colorful magic with others.”  Gordy will speak about her work at 6:30 PM on First Thursday.

    Both exhibits will remain on display through September 30, 2013, and may be viewed during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturdays, 9 to 3, or by appointment.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is located at 224 E. Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, call 765-284-8422 or visit http://www.gordyframing.com


    The Living Room
    130 W Jackson
    The Living Room will have art on display during First Thursday.


    Muncie Ballet
    118 S Walnut
    Muncie Ballet will have demonstrations, door prizes, mini lessons, and snacks during registration and open house on First Thursday.  Shop the ballet boutique or register for dance. Tuition assistance is available.


    Munseetown Square Lobby
    400 S Walnut
    Artwork of Munseetown Square
    The offices of DeFur Voran and Raymond James  are partnering to transform the lobby of Munseetown Square into a gallery, featuring the works of local artists David Dale, Brian Gordy, Jim Faulkner, Eric Ernstberger, and many others.

    Bette Graham
    Muncie native Bette Graham is known for her landscapes and popular images of cats.  For over sixty years, she has been active in the local arts community. Proficient in several art media, Graham's primary focus throughout her lengthy career has been printmaking--both wood block and linoleum.

    Jim Faulkner
    Faulkner taught and practiced contemporary abstract art while teaching at Ball State for thirteen years. Near the end of his college teaching in 1977, Faulkner returned to his background of realistic watercolor and sculpture.  There, he found a search for the essence of what he believes and feels to be truth.  He paints full time at the country homestead he shares with his wife, Eleanor, and various cats and dogs.  His studio is a restored barn.  He has received numerous awards throughout his painting career and is one of the most collected and well-known artists of east-central Indiana.

    Brian Gordy
    Brian Gordy taught art in the public schools, the university level and privately for over 20 years.  He exhibits throughout the United States and has earned numerous awards for his watercolors and charcoal drawings. Mr. Gordy, with his wife Genny and son Ben, own and operate Gordy Fine Art & Framing Company.

    Barbara LaRue King
    After graduating from Ball State with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, LaRue King worked as a graphic designer at Indiana Glass Company where she rejuvenated the company’s packaging and marketing.  Her own line of design-on-glassware was distributed nationally through department store chains. Working at Hallmark’s Ensemble Company division, she designed product lines for Franklin Covey, the United States Post Office, and other high-profile Ensemble clients.  Most recently, she has been employed at Hallmark’s Kansas City headquarters designing album and giftwrap lines in Hallmark’s Gifts Studio. 

    Eric Ernstberger
    Eric Ernstberger, a Muncie resident, is a native to extreme southern Indiana’s un-glaciated landscape which stands in bold contrast to the flat un-forested terrain of the state’s better known midsection.  His love for painting, drawing and the arts was influenced by the physical attributes of this unique landscape and further evolved by the profession he has chosen to pursue for the last three decades. Ernstberger is a registered site architect and founding partner of Rundell Ernstberger Associates, the region’s largest urban design and site architectural firm with offices in Muncie, Indianapolis, and Louisville.  His vivid expressionistic paintings in acrylic on paper are spontaneous, free flowing images of landscapes, objects, people, and events, offering intense abstraction or new perspectives on familiar subjects.

    David Dale
    Artist and designer David Dale was born in Muncie in 1940.  He attended the Fort Wayne Art School and Museum on scholarship where he studied figure drawing, portraiture and landscape painting.  The founder of David Dale Designs, Dale also taught by invitation, Complex Interiors and Professional Practices in the School of Fine Art at Ball State. Dale paints landscapes in pastel and oil, both outdoors and in his studio.  He also designs and handcrafts signature picture frames to complement his paintings.  His paintings hang in corporate, museum, private and public collections.


    Rose Court
    125 E Charles
    Rose Court is pleased to feature the art work of Muncie's noted architect Anthony J. "Tony" Costello, FAIA.  You may have heard or read about Tony regarding his work in architecture or his mission trips to Haiti, but you may not know that he is also an award winning artist.

    Tony has always done sketching as part of his architectural practice but in 2010 decided to submit sketches to Architectural Record's Napkin Sketch competition and continued to submit his sketches each year after.  He won Runner-Up/Professional Award in 2011 and 2012. He is the only person to win awards in two of the three contests held since 2010.  The impetus for this contest is that architects have historically sketched ideas on napkins while having a few drinks with clients or colleagues.  Napkin sketching involves using a 5" x 5"plain white cocktail napkin and sketching on it with a pen.

    This will be Tony's first public exhibit of his napkin sketches. Sketches and watercolors from his travels, including Italy, England, Istanbul, Haiti, New York City, and Boston, will be featured.  Napkin sketches and sketchbook sketches will be available for sale.


    Savage's Ale House
    127 N High
    The Work of Braydee Euliss

    Euliss will exhibit encaustic (hot wax) paintings as well as a series of necklaces. Gallery Manager at Gordy Fine Art & Framing and a Ball State graduate, Euliss holds a BFA in Sculpture. Her vast 3-D background, coupled with an innate preoccupation with repurposing, informs her continued use of non-traditional and found media.

Jun 2, 2016


  • Sarah Schaffer, View of Cornerstone Park The Fickle Peach and After Hours Art Reels present Fellini's Suzanne Dittenber, Billy Riggs at The Living Room Dave Franklin, Kayla Goodpaster, June First Thursday 5pm to 8pm @ Multiple locations
    Sarah Schaffer, Sarah Schaffer, "Life in Plastic," Cornerstone Center for the Arts View of Cornerstone Park View of Cornerstone Park The Fickle Peach and After Hours Art Reels present Fellini's The Fickle Peach and After Hours Art Reels present Fellini's "8 1/2" Suzanne Dittenber, Suzanne Dittenber, "Midden Pile III," Gordy's Fine Art and Framing Billy Riggs at The Living Room Billy Riggs at The Living Room Dave Franklin, Dave Franklin, "Orana," Muncie Makes Lab Kayla Goodpaster, Kayla Goodpaster, "Tryion Lannister," Savage's Ale House

    Cornerstone Center for The Arts

    520 E. Main

    “Sarah Shaffer: Life in Plastic

    Join Cornerstone Center for Arts for First Thursday on June 2, 2016 for an opening reception and art show featuring the art of Sarah Shaffer. The show titled “Life in Plastic” explores society’s monumental impact through the form of our tiniest role models.Beyond objectification and the weight of the world's expectations, creating this body of work was a very personal journey for Sarah. She created these paintings using one of her daughter's dolls as a model with the color palette of her childhood memory. These pieces embody her own path to define her self-image and the desire to not pass along physical insecurities to future generations.

    Each piece is a depiction of a doll, focusing on a portion of the body and recreated on a large scale. This collection of acrylic paintings portrays the objectification and unrealistic expectations placed upon women. We perpetuate these damaging standards in our interactions with others and within ourselves. The titles are inspired by comments made to or about women in judgement of their appearance, their choices, and their actions.

    The opening reception will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Cornerstone Art Gallery on the second floor of Cornerstone Center for the Arts. The show will be on display and open to the public throughout the month of June.

    Sarah, a visual arts instructor at Cornerstone as well as a commissioned artist, is a native of Indiana, grew up in Fort Wayne with A love of art from an early age. Sarah is a graduate of Ball State University’s School of Art, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in metalsmithing earned in 2007. Her senior show titled "Playtime's Over," explored women's issues by combining Barbie dolls with precious metal to create conceptual jewelry.

    Nearly 10 years after Sarah's senior project, she has revisited Barbie and some of the corresponding themes of objectification and unrealistic expectations through the form of painting rather than jewelry. In the near decade that has passed, Sarah has become a mother and wishes to confront these themes for the betterment of the next generation.

    For more information about the show, call Cornerstone’s Department of Education & Communication at 766-281-9503, ext. 23.

    Cornerstone Park

    101 S. Madison

    “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Cornerstone Park”

    Cornerstone Center for the Arts and the City of Muncie are excited to announce a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Cornerstone Park on Thursday, June 2 at 5:30 p.m. The ceremony will feature live demonstrations from students and instructors of Cornerstone Center for the Arts and remarks from Mayor Dennis Tyler, Jeff Robinson of Cornerstone, and Ron Spangler of Community Enhancement Projects. At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests are invited to Cornerstone for light refreshments and the opening of the art show “Life in Plastic” in Cornerstone's Art Gallery on the second floor until 7:30pm.

    Cornerstone Park sits at 101 S. Madison St. at the former site of Holiday Cleaners. The development of the park was made possible through partnerships with the Ball Brothers Foundation, the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, the George and Frances Ball Foundation, Community Enhancement Projects, the Zeigler Foundation, the Muncie Sanitary District, the Muncie Redevelopment Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler. The park was created as a gateway to Downtown Muncie and will offer new outdoor opportunities for the surrounding businesses and organizations.

    Cornerstone Park features lush landscaping and ornamental foliage from Jay-Crew Landscape and is home to the new public art piece titled EXTESS by PROJECTiONE. Cornerstone plans to utilize the new park for upcoming summer classes, workshops, and events.

    For more information about the ribbon cutting ceremony or “Life in Plastic” visit cornerstonearts.org or call Cornerstone at 765-281-9503.

    The Fickle Peach (21+)

    117 E Charles

    “Fellini’s 8 ½

    Muncie Downtown Development Partnership, in collaboration with The Fickle Peach, presents After Hours Art Reels following the First Thursday Gallery Walks in June. Come enjoy the gallery exhibits from 5-8pm, and join us afterwards at dusk for great cult and art film classics!

    Films will be projected onto the Mutual Bank wall on Charles Street at dusk. Seating will be available on the Fickle Peach patio area located at 117 E. Charles St. for guests who are 21 and up. Viewers who are not yet 21 can watch the films from the sidewalk surrounding the patio area. 

    Grace Episcopal Church
    300 S. Madison

    “Joan Hamilton”

    We will feature great music by local artist, Joan Hamilton. She is well-known in the Muncie area as a singer-songwriter. Come to Grace Episcopal Church at the corner of Madison St. and Adams St. for a great night of music. Also appearing is Yorktown High School student Iris Chalk. Art will be on display beginning at 5pm, and all other events will begin at 7pm. There will be an old-fashioned bake sale throughout the evening.

    Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co.
    224 E. Main

    Summer Invitational

    Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company will celebrate First Thursday, June 2nd from 5 – 8 pm with an opening reception for the gallery’s third annual Summer Invitational. The exhibit will feature both 2D and 3D work by several area artists who will be on hand to engage with viewers. Light refreshments will be served and the public is invited to attend.

    What started as a rare event in the exhibition schedule at Gordy Fine Art & Framing Co. is back for its third year. The Summer Invitational is designed to introduce our patrons to some of the best new work our region has to offer by exclusively exhibiting artists who are not currently represented by GFAF. This refreshing shift in the gallery’s routine programming brings together artists from throughout Central Indiana and features oil painting, sculpture, furniture, photography, watercolor, and jewelry. The exhibit will be on view for two months through the end of July, offering visitors an extended opportunity to experience fresh, new art from beyond the Muncie scene.

    Exhibitors include Hannah Barnes, Jasmine D’Angelo, Suzanne Dittenber, Holly Lay, Tim Miller, and Noelle Weigand.

    Light refreshments will be served, and the public is invited to attend. A brief talk at 6:15 will introduce the exhibit and artists in attendance.

    Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company promotes talented artists and offers expert design and craftsmanship for framing and displaying treasured family possessions and works of art. Summer Invitational may also be viewed through the end of July during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm. Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company is located at 224 East Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre. For more information, visit www.gordyframing.com or call 765-284-8422.

    The Living Room

    130 W. Jackson

    “Billy Riggs”

    The Living Room will be featuring the work of artist Billy Riggs for June’s First Thursday celebration. Riggs is known for his artworks that are mostly created with spray paint. The show will feature nature scenes, futuristic pieces, comic book characters, and other mixed media works.

    Muncie Makes Lab

    628 S. Walnut

    “CritChat: Unknown Territory
    For the past year, Muncie Makes Lab has been home to CritChat, a free, community meet-up developed and facilitated by artists Holly Lay and Braydee Euliss. This monthly gathering invites local artists of all kinds to participate in conversation about their own work and the work of others. Painters, photographers, sculptors, and makers alike are encouraged to bring completed work, work-in-progress, and even unrealized ideas with the sole intention of sharing. By enabling dialogue, promoting collaboration, and providing critical feedback, the group hopes to build community and support for emerging area artists.

    The month of June marks CritChat’s one-year-anniversary. The group will celebrate with an opening reception for CritChat: Unknown Territory at Muncie Makes Lab on First Thursday, June 2nd, 5 – 9 PM. This exhibit explores a variety of media including photography, assemblage, installation, as well as video and sound manipulation performance with a focus on new techniques and subject matter. Featured in the exhibit are artists Spencer Davis, Kara Clark DuQuette, Michael DuQuette, Dave Franklin, Holly Lay, Rochelle Martin, and Jannell Summers.

    Artists will be present and guests are encouraged to ask questions throughout the evening. Beginning at 8 PM, the exhibiting artists will introduce themselves and engage attendees in a sample CritChat experience, leading artists and viewers alike through the process of providing informed, critical feedback on select pieces featured in the exhibit. DJ JANNELL will provide music, and light refreshments will be served.

    Find out more about CritChat & join the conversation every 3rd Thursday of the month from 7 – 9 PM at Muncie Makes Lab, 628 S. Walnut St. Muncie, IN 47605. No RSVP necessary. Muncie Makes Lab is a design/build, make, discuss, display, and workshop lab for students, faculty, staff from Ball State University as well as the Muncie community.

    Savage's Ale House (21+)

    127 N. High

    “Kayla Goodpaster”

    Savage’s Ale House will be featuring the work of Kayla Goodpaster, who has created a series of works inspired largely by the popular book and television series “Game of Thrones.”

    Studio Exhale

    103 N. High St.

    “Public Art Master Plan”
    Students from the Urban Planning Department, led by Prof. Lisa Dunaway, will be holding an open house to present their Public Art Master Plan, and will invite feedback from the public. The project is the result of an immersive learning course at Ball State University. Light refreshments will be served.

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